TWIKE Maroc is the official “TWIKE TO FLY” Partner in Morocco of the TWIKE Manufacturer FINE Mobile GmbH. A TWIKE is tomorrow’s mobility for today’s people. Test this first electric vehicle in Morocco and get to know this great feeling of “flying” a “car”. TWIKE Maroc offers you to test a TWIKE during a short “get to know” trip as well as on a one day trip or an well-organised TWIKE MAROC tour of serveral days. Be your own pilot or just enjoy it as a co-pilot. For being a pilot an ordinary driver’s licence is needed as well as a 2h introduction course.

Dont’ forget:  A TWIKE is tomorrow’s mobility for today’s people:-)

TWIKE Zora, TWIKE TO CROSS Aya & TWIKE Turbo are ready for you.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Can I have more details please

    • Boujour Miri,
      desolé pour notre website. La vraie website twikemaroc.com est encore en construction. Vous avez le facebook?
      On travail en ce moment la avec ce moyen: https://www.facebook.com/twike.maroc


      we are sorry that our website is still under construction. But have a look on our facebookpage

      Let’s TWIKE

      TWIKE MAROC Team

  2. Hi ,

    You are an amazing team , good luck 🙂

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