Date Festival Erfoud (Oct./Nov.)

31.10 - 03.11.2013

31.10 – 03.11.2013

Every year, a few days after the dates harvest season (end of October/beginning of November) the dates festival takes place in Erfoud. Erfoud is located in the south-eastern Sahara of Morocco, the well-known region of Tafilalet), containing the largest oasis of palm trees in Morocco. It it situated in the center of the date produicing area with almost a million date palms. Therefore it is the center of  harvest festivites and traditional music, dace and processions are expecting their visitors.

Dates play an important role in Moroccan meals and culture. Starting your day with the dates’s sweetness makes your day good and lucky. Therefore they are known traditional gifts at important ceremonies and are often offered to friends and guests.

Agadir-Erfoud-Agadir: 1350km

Agadir-Erfoud-Agadir: 1350km

Starting from Agadir you have one week of time for testing the TWIKE until coming back to our base Agadir, full of new impressions and discoveries. On the way to our goal, the date festival of Erfoud, you will get to know several interesting cities like Taroudant, Talouine, Ouarzazate and Erfoud.

You can be your own pilot or enjoy the testing tour as a co-pilot. Since we are on the road for one week we prefer that you will go on a short trip with us before to make sure that this is the thing that you’d really like to do:-).




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