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E-Mobility Consulting in Morocco

The TWIKE is the 1st homologated electric vehicle in Morocco and has already an experience of over 20 years in Europe. Let’s start to get e-mobility to Morocco.

Current Projects:

Consulting of an University project for the COP 22 in Marrakech.


A TWIKE is tomorrow’s mobility for today’s people. At the moment two TWIKEs are located in Morocco for the project “TWIKE ROAD TEST“. Besides battery tests on extreme temperature the focus lies as well on durabilty of material on extreme conditions as well as on long distance rides.


During their stay in Morocco it is  possible to test them and get to know the great feeling of “flying” a “car”. TWIKE MAROC is an official “TWIKE TO FLY” Partner of the TWIKE Manufacturer, which is located in Germany.

1st homologated vehicle in Morocco

Did you know that TWIKE is the first homologated electric vehicle in Morocco? Get on board and support the “TWIKE ROAD TEST” project while piloting one of the two TWIKEs during a test ride.

Test Ride

We offer you to test a TWIKE during a short “get to know” trip as well as on an one day ride or on several days. A TWIKE is tomorrow’s mobility for today’s people. Be your own pilot or just enjoy it as a co-pilot. Interested?

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Twiking is different than driving a simple car, but after an introduction you will be your own pilot. Discover the beauty of Morocco electrically & emissionfree.

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