Test Ride Agadir City

Points of interest:

  • Agadir Corniche
  • Agadir Harbour
  • Kasbah of Agadir (Agadir Oueffla)
  • Agadir Residental Areas
  • Agadir Football Stadium
  • Agadir Artist Complex
  • La Medina d’Agadir (http://www.medina-agadir.com/)

Duration: about 4h

Welcome to our Agadir City Tour. You want to get a great city overview by a unique way of transportation? Just enter the TWIKE as a co-pilot and enjoy the tour with our great panorama windows. If you feel to take some exercise on same time, don’t hesitate to support the TWIKE by pedaling.

Get an impression of the Corniche of Agadir before entering the great fish harbor. Don’t forget to take your passport with you in order to be able to enter. Have a look at the great construction of wooden boats. Early in the morning you also have the chance to watch fishermen entering their fish for selling in the big market hall.

Finally we will lead you to the greatest panoramic view over the bay of Agadir and its harbor. The old Casbah of Agadir, 250m above sea level. The Casbah or Agadir (also called Agadir Oufella or Agadir N’Ighir) was the oldest district of Agadir before, an authentic fortress built in 1572 by Moulay Abdallah al-Ghallib. The enormous earthquake of 29 February 1960 left still some parts of the Casbah. Watch yourself. On the way up you will read in Arabic “God, Country, King”, which is illuminated even at night so that you can see it from lots of parts of Agadir. On the top it is very tourism busy…so yes, there is the possibility to mount on a camel’s back and to get some henna tattoos.

Enough of tourism sightseeing? Let’s do some architecture hopping. Discover some different residential areas before heading on to the new great football stadium of Agadir.

We will pass the Suq of Agadir, some city points like the central bus station, tribunal and university before heading 5km out of Agadir center to visit an artist complex where you can not only have a look on artisanal products which are also to buy, you can even watch how they are made.

Our last point of interest is the great “La Medina d’Agadir” (www.medina-agadir.com). Coco Polizzi, a Rabat-born Italian architect, has created in 1992 this idealized Berber village, built using traditional techniques and materials. It is like a small open-air museum on five hectares and on the same time home to over 30 artisan workshop. Have a look as well on the museum, iniduviual residences, a small hotel and don’t forget the exotic garden.

The TWIKE Maroc Team is sure that you will spend some unforgettable electrifying moments.

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