Test Ride Massa National Parc

The Souss-Massa National Park was created in 1991. The two river Souss and Massa which divede the park into three spits are the source of the park’s name. Located directly at the Atlandtic coast between Agadir and Sidi Ifni it is a real ecological jewel and an ornithological sensation.

Tour Massa Nationalpark: 160km

Tour Massa Nationalpark: 160km

The Massa lagoon and the surrounding sand dunes attract hundreds of species of birds throughout the year. The park is Morocco’s largest bird habitat. The best time for viewing exotic birds is between February and April, and September to November. In particular the rare bald ibis can be seen in great numbers as well as cormorants and flamingos. Due to the special climate, a combination of a warm-temperate and a desert climate results in this variety of plant species as well as it serves as a winter quarter for numerous birds.

We will start early in the morning. After we will pass the morning traffic of Inzegane and Ait Melloul, we will head on on a very good road toward Tiznit. Half the way we will enter National Park. Here you will definately enjoy piloting your TWIKE. Far away from traffic on a small road we turn into another world, the rural Moroccan life. Count the sheeps on the road and have a look at farmers work through your great panorama windows. We will head on until we hit the sea. Time to take a rest and enjoy breakfast directly at the seaside.


Before we head on take some steps on that great beach:


Looking forward for some adventure? Let’s go Sandtwiking before heading back to Agadir:


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