Test Ride Paradise Valley

The Test Ride Paradise Valley leads us in one of the most beautiful areas of whole Morocco. It is a great region to test a TWIKE, the first electric vehicle in Morocco.
We start in the morning with several TWIKEs (# depends on booking) from Agadir. If you want to be your own pilot you will first get well-instructed driving lessons to feel yourself comfortable by piloting your TWIKE. Of course you can just enjoy your ride as a co-pilot as well. Don’t worry; in case you are driving by yourself we will do several stops. There will be tea-stops, bath-stops, fresh pressed orange juice stops included.

After 15 km we are already in the lovely countryside and the pre-mountain zone. Enjoy! The paradise valley starts after about 30km. It is hardly to describe, you have to look at it by yourself. It is surely breathtaking. A small road winds slowly upwards and you feel like in paradise by all the palm-tree surrounding. The valley follows the way along a carved out road by waterfalls thousand years ago. Several nice spots are used to sun-bathing, relaxing on warm rocks and for cooling-off at several plunge pools. Don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you! It is a unique location with an appearance of an untouched natural beauty, like paradise!

Enjoy and relax the 1/2 day in the center of Paradise Valley. Small Cafes are welcoming you at the river side.

Surely this trip will be unforgettable.






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