Test Ride Guelmim (Tafraout/Tiznit, Mirleft, Sidi-Ifni, Abaynou)

Alternative 1: Agadir – Tiznit – Oasis Guelmim – Abaynou thermal baths – Sidi Ifni – Biological Farm of Khenfouf – Legzira – Mirleft – Aagadir; 450km

Agadir-Sidi Wassay-Legzira-Abaynou-Guelmim-Tiznit-Agadir: 450km

Agadir-Sidi Wassay-Legzira-Abaynou-Guelmim-Tiznit-Agadir: 450km

Alternative 2: Agadir – Tafraoute – Oasis of Guelmim – Abaynou – Sidi Ifni – Biological Garden of Khenfouf – Legzira – Mirleft – Agadir

Day 1: Agadir – Kasbah Tizourguine

Day 2: Kasbah Tizourguine – Tafraoute

Day 3: Tafraoute – Oasis of Guelmim

Day 4: Oasis of Guelmim – Thermal baths of Abaynou – Biological Garden of Khenfouf

Day 5: Biological Garden of Khenfouf – Legzira Beach – Medina Mirleft – Agadir





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